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We specifically choose quality products to
work with when kitchen respraying,
ensuing a perfect finish every time.

Three Counties Kitchen Spraying



We carry out kitchen spraying which enhances, modernises and transforms your kitchen for a fraction of the replacement costs with our domestic spraying solutions.


We remove cabinet doors, drawers and other unit items when kitchen respraying, they are prepared and spray painted at our workshop.


The remaining fixtures, side panels and trims are cleaned, prepared, masked off and resprayed at your home.

Kitchen spraying units & doors

As professional kitchen sprayers, we take every precaution to make the change of your doors, drawers and units as effortless as possible.

Restoring tired old looking kitchens for a fraction of the cost of renewing for a new kitchen.

You can choose your colour and finish (gloss or matt).

Kitchen Spraying Berkshire Hampshire Surrey

Kitchen Spraying Berkshire Hampshire Surrey

A new colour will transform the look of your kitchen, keep costs down & help the environment by reusing your cabinets & doors.

How we do it

We carry out kitchen respraying of the units in situ and take the doors offsite to respray*.

The cupboards can be resprayed to a finish or colour of your choice, just the outer edges or all of the insides and shelves too.

All kitchen items are covered ensuring no paint makes its way onto any other surfaces… read more

* If you only want the doors resprayed, we will detach from the unit and taken away, professionally sprayed and brought back when ready to reattach.


What we do

Why choose Three Counties Kitchen Spraying?

Here at Three Counties Kitchen Spraying, we take pride in being a premium on-site kitchen respray company.

We are located in Alton Hampshire, working throughout the whole of the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

We provide a professional, yet affordable, onsite spraying solutions for residential customers.

Together, the Three Counties Kitchen Spraying Team have over 40 years of expertise in the spraying profession.

From masking techniques to various methods of spraying – we guarantee that our quality of work is at the highest of standards.


The benefits of respraying your kitchen

  • No need to buy new… Have a kitchen respray!!!
  • Why spend thousands on a new kitchen and go through the process of remodeling, why not respray your kitchen for a fraction of the cost.
  • Respraying and refreshing your kitchen also means you will be keeping your costs down, so you can afford to make that change when the next big design change comes along
  • Modernising the look of a tired old kitchen will also help if you are trying to sell your property, giving it a beautiful new look.
  • Respraying a kitchen also means that you won’t have to put up with weeks of mess and builders trudging through your house.
  • Kitchen Spraying Berkshire Hampshire Surrey kitchen respraying

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